Science Curriculum Topic Study

Discover the "missing link" between science standards, teacher practice, and improved student achievement!

Becoming an accomplished science teacher or science professional development specialist not only requires a thorough understanding of science content, but also a familiarity with science standards and research on student learning. Science Curriculum Topic Study is a systematic professional development strategy that links science standards and research to curriculum, instruction, and assessment and can be used in a variety of pre-service and professional development structures. Developed by author Page Keeley of the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, the NSF-funded Curriculum Topic Study (CTS), book describes a process and provides tools that can help educators deepen their understanding of the curricular topics they teach or bring greater content-specific pedagogical focus to professional development.


The CTS process helps teachers and teacher educators:

  • Improve their understanding of adult science literacy and K-12 science concepts and skills
  • Clarify concepts and skills that make up the learning goals in state or local standards
  • Improve coherency of instruction and make relevant connections across topics
  • Select effective and appropriate instructional strategies and learning contexts
  • Develop or refine formative and summative assessment assessments
  • Learn to recognize and address learning difficulties and common misconceptions
  • Develop, select, or refine aligned instructional materials and use them effectively
  • Utilize a common knowledge base and language related to science teaching and learning
  • Design professional development that focuses on the pedagogical content needs of K-12 teachers

Containing 147 separate curriculum topic study guides arranged in eleven categories that represent the major domains of science, this book provides the tools to both positively impact student learning and develop the knowledge and skills that distinguish expert science teachers from novices.

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