Mathematics Curriculum Topic Study

Discover the "missing link" between mathematics standards, teacher practice, and improved student achievement!

Becoming an accomplished mathematics teacher requires not only a thorough understanding of content, but also a familiarity with mathematics standards and research. Mathematics Curriculum Topic Study provides a systematic professional development process and set of tools that links mathematics standards and research to curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Developed by authors Page Keeley of the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance and Cheryl M. Rose Toby of the Education Developpment Center (EDC), the NSF-funded Curriculum Topic Study (CTS) project helps mathematics educators align their practice with standards-based and research-informed concepts and skills. Successfully field-tested with hundreds of teachers, mathematics coordinators, and staff developers, this book contains 92 ready-to-use CTS guides arranged in seven categories that are aligned with the NCTM content and process standards and the Project 2061 Benchmarks. A Crosswalk to the Common Core Standards for Mathematics is also available (see Crosswalks). Designed to work in a variety of contexts, the CTS process helps mathematics teachers and teacher educators:

  • Increase their content and pedagogical knowledge of the topics they teach
  • Better understand, access, and utilize mathematics education research
  • Translate standards to the classroom in a deliberate and thoughtful way
  • Learn to recognize and address learning difficulties, misconceptions, and common errors
  • Recognize connections across mathematics topics, including connections to key ideas and skills in science
  • Increase opportunities for all students to achieve mathematical literacy
  • Utilize a common knowledge base and language related to mathematics teaching and learning

An essential investment toward improving student achievement in mathematics for K-12 teachers, staff developers, directors of curriculum, teacher preparation faculty, department chairs, and math educators, this innovative resource brings together the professional literature on mathematics standards and learning research so that users can make the best use of them to advance their professional learning.

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