CTS Supplementary Databases

Each Curriculum Topic Study Guide uses a common set of resources for each topic. However, sometimes a specific resource is used for a CTS that is topic-specific and may not apply to other topics. These resources can be used to enhance or extend a CTS, provide an application to use in the CTS Learning Cycle, or provide additional or more current research to use with CTS Study Guide Section IV. For example, a group of middle school science teachers engaging in the CTS "Cycles of Matter in Ecosystems" might like to include a video of a scientists explaining ecological cycles; or a group of elementary mathematics educators engaging in the CTS "Measurement" might like to use an assessment probe to examine second graders' ideas related to linear measurement when a non-zero starting point is used. These resources are included in a searchable, supplementary database. New resources are regularly added to the database. The latest resource appears in the block on the home page.


Science Supplements:


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Perhaps you have a resource you have used with CTS or know of a resource that would be useful. Click here to suggest a resource. After the resource is received, it will be reviewed and included in the CTS Supplementary Materials Database if approporiate.